Ramos W30HD-10.1 inch Tablet PC with Samsung Exynos4412 Quad Core Chipset Mali400 Quad Core GPU 1900X1200 res Retina display 2GB DDR3 Ram 32GB Nand Flash Bluetooth Dual Camera:0.3MP front cam,2.0MP rear cam.M.R.P.$499.99,On Sale Now:$339.99

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To those who are fans of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1,or love Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1,but cannot afford Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1;
to those who do not like tablets powered by chipsets designed and made in China;
to those who only like tablets powered by chipsets designed and made by big brands,like Samsung,Intel,Qualcomm and so on;
to those who are looking around for an alternative of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or a more advanced one;
congratulations,you have landed at the exactly right place.

To those who dislike Made-in-China and who think Made-in-China is shit and doesn't worth a dime because of the bad quality and bad design and so on,please throw such thoughts down toilet from now on. Ramos and Ramos W30HD will tell you how far and how excellent Made-in-China will reach. Just please keep reading to explore the truth.

Ramos W30HD is a more advanced tablet than Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Ramos W30HD powers Samsung Exynos4412 Quad Core Chipset and Mali400 Quad Core GPU,exactly the same powerful CPU and GPU on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Ramos W30HD features a 10.1 inch 1900X1200 pixel resolution super high definition Retina display,much better and much higher than the 1280X800 pixel resolution of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Ramos W30HD arms 2GB DDR3 Ram - exactly the same memory chip on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1,and 32GB Nand Flash -  16GB bigger than the 16GB version of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Ramos W30HD builds in dual cameras: 0.3 mega pixel front facing camera and 2.0 mega pixel rear facing camera for taking photos,recording video clips and video conference as per your various needs. Ramos W30HD also has Bluetooth 4.0 to enhance connectivity flexibility.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 16GB Model: $499
Ramos W30HD 32GB Model: M.R.P. $499,On Sale Now:$339.99
Made-in-China is just cheap in price,but not cheap in quality,design,performance,style. This is the now Made-in-China. This is Ramos. And this is Ramos W30HD.
Ramos W30HD from JSXL Technology 01
Selling Points(spotlights) of Ramos W30HD
Selling Points of Ramos W30HD
Selling Point 1 of Ramos W30HD
Samsung Exynos4412 Quad Core Chipset
Ramos W30HD powers Samsung Exynos4412 based on ARM Cortex A9 Quad Core,which runs at 1.4GHz. Samsung Exynos4412 is made in 32nm LP,which targets 2X powerful performance than Dual Core Chipsets. In the meantime,Samsung Exynos4412 consumes 20% less power than Dual Core Chipsets. All these results in much longer battery life.
Selling Point 2 of Ramos W30HD
Powerful performance low power consumption Mali400 Quad Core GPU
Mali400 Quad Core GPU targets 60% more powerful performance than ever,50% more powerful performance in graphics processor.The games compatibility is very reliable. Almost all 3D games can run fluidly and smoothly on Ramos W30HD. Think about Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 uses the same GPU. Why?
Selling Point 3 of Ramos W30HD
Large volume of memory chip
Most current tablets use 1GB volume of memory chips. Ramos W30HD instead uses 2GB DDR3 Ram of dual channel,which targets 2X faster speed than Dual Core Chipsets. Ramos W30HD is capable of playing high definition video and 3D games,running multi-tasks. This will provide you more fluid and smoother operations,the dead problem of apps is gone far away since now. 
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has 2GB DDR3 memory chip as well. Ramos W30HD is same excellent as Galaxy Note 10.1 in memory chip.
Selling Point 4 of Ramos W30HD
10.1 inch super high definition Retina display
1900X1200 pixel supper high definition screen,170 degrees wide viewing angle,multi-touch capacitive,high accuracy of touch,high responsiveness,excellent web surfing,high transmittance. All these provide you awesome experiences in gaming and high definition video playback.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has a 10.1 inch 1280X800 pixel resolution IPS display. So we see,Ramos W30HD is better than Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in display screen.
Selling Point 5 of Ramos W30HD
Breakthrough design of frame of apps and outlook of device
No matter when you hold Ramos W30HD in portrait(vertical) mode or landscape(horizontal) mode,the frame of apps and the locations of input box are designed specifically for users like you,which will provide you natural user experiences in operations. No matter you are playing games or working,you will enjoy much higher efficiency.
Seamless aluminum metal back results in high conduciveness to heat,feels pretty cool,touches pretty cool as well.
Selling Point 6 of Ramos W30HD
Dual Cameras
0.3 mega pixel front facing camera for you to take photos,video conference and so on;
2.0 mega pixel rear facing camera for yo to take photos,record video clips.
Selling Point 7 of Ramos W30HD
Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth 4.0 enhances the connectivity flexibility of Ramos W30HD. It not only allows you to connect your tablet to bluetooth earphone for talking in Skype and enjoying music wirelessly, but also allows you to type with a bluetooth keyboard, or play game with a bluetooth controller. You can also use it to transfer to share photos,files as per your various needs.
Selling Point 8 of Ramos W30HD
32GB Nand Flash
Currently,most tablets has 8GB model,16GB model;seldom have 32GB. Ramos W30HD starts from 32GB,and provides you 4 times volume 8GB,double volume 16GB. So you don't have to worry you will be short of storage space to store files,photos,videos,games and so on. If you still think it is not enough,you can expand the storage space by inserting a TF card - 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,whatever you choose,it is up to you.
Selling Point 9 of Ramos W30HD
WiFi+3G Dongle
Ramos W30HD supports 801.11 b/g/n up to 300M/S. You can use Ramos W30HD to surf,contact friends/relatives,video playing,email and so on,all online and ultra-fast,as long as you have a WiFi spot.
If you don't have a WiFi spot outside,but as long as you have a 3G dongle or so,for example,you can share your iPhone's network for Ramos W30HD to connect. Then you can surf online easily and so on.

Ramos W30HD from JSXL Technology 02
Samsung Exynos 4412 Quad Core CPU is made in a better 32nm LP,which targets more transistors in every unit square. In the meantime,the lengthen of the inner circuit of Exynos 4412 becomes smaller,therefore the heat dissipation is less. All these bring awesome performance and smart power consumption for Ramos W30 and Ramos W30HD and so on. Second,HKMG process also targets higher performance and lower power consumption. There's research pointing out that Samsung Exynos 4412 only consumes 80% of the power of last generation CPU. More than these,Samsung Exynos 4412 is also much more power saving than Nividia Tegra 3 due to better process in which itself is made.
Samsung Exynos 4412 Quad Core CPU is based on Cortex A9 and runs at up to 1.4GHz. At the same time,Mali400 MP4 graphic processor is able to run at up to 400MHz. So we see that the overall performance of Tablet PCs powerd by Exynos 4412 would be 60% higher,the graphic computing 50% higher.
And unlike those recent released Chinese Quad Core chipsets,for example,Allwinner A31(for more about Allwinner A31,please checkout Allwinner Forum) and Rockchip RK3188(for more about Rockchip RK3188,please checkout Rockchip Forum),Samsung Exynos4412 is the best in performance,stability,power consumption and heat dissipation.

Ramos W30HD from JSXL Technology 03
Ramos W30HD features a 10.1 inch 1900X1200 pixel high definition resolution Retina display,just like Apple iPad 4,and much better than Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Since the 3rd generation iPad was released on March 8th 2012, Retina has become the standard display in the industry. As of Dec. 13th 2012,quite few manufacturers have applied Retina display on their tablets. Except Apple,Samsung is among the quite few ones. 

Retina display was a latest display technology applied on mobile devices,first by Apple. It was first known and was first used by Apple on iPhone 4 in 2010. In the past and even now,most common-seen PCs or Tablets has 72 ppi of pixel density. But Apple condensed 960X640 pixel resolution to a 3.5 inch screen on iPhone 4. This means the pixel density of iPhone 4 reaches 326ppi (short for pixel per inch),4 times as that of most common-seen PCs. So the screen of big pixel density shows more vivid color,sharper display and much clearer lifelike image. This is pretty awesome. Afterward,Apple applied the Retina display on the new iPad and iPad 4. The pixel density of iPad 4 is 310 ppi. Both generations of iPad have 2048X1536 pixel high definition resolution Retina display,this further enhances Apple's status very much in the market of Tablet PC. 

Now,the Retina display technology is not just owned by Apple. Many other screen manufacturers have developed their own Retina display,like Samsung and LG. So,now,not just iPad 3 and iPad 4 have Retina display. Ramos also has applied the great Retina screen on Ramos W30HD to show you great display so that you will absolutely have absolute awesome user experiences in photo viewing,video playing and gaming. The Retina display on Ramos W30HD has the same 310 ppi pixel density as iPad 4. Overall, perfect.
Ramos W30HD from JSXL Technology 04
Ramos W30HD targets pretty power performance in video decoding,which is thanks to the powerful CPU that integrates powerful GPU. Ramos W30HD supports MPEG4,H.264,VC-1 and so on.You can play videos of all formats by installing different players.
Ramos W30HD from JSXL Technology 05
Google official apps were/are designed and developed for aspect ration 16:10 screen. Ramos W30HD features 1900X1200 pixel 16:10 screen which makes itself 100% compatible with all Google official apps. Do you remember or know the iPad Mini features 1024X768 4:3 screen? Do you know why it comes this way? Apple does so purely because of the apps compatibility,not only in the hardware components,but also in the aspect ration. Otherwise,most of the apps for iPad cannot fit the screen of iPad Mini. Now,for the exactly same reason,Ramos W30HD features a 1900X1200 16:10 Google standard resolution in order to make all Google official apps fit the screen of itself. Otherwise,most Google official apps cannot fit the screen of Ramos W30HD very well.
In the meantime,16:10 screen is much better for playing films and movies,so that you will get much better experiences.
Ramos W30HD from JSXL Technology 06
Ramos W30HD features breakthrough design of outlook as well. See the part being held by the left hand in the picture above? Please see the mirror right side as well. Ramos W30HD really addresses your concerns while holding it playing video or so. When you hold it in portrait mode,the breakthrough design of outlook will also provide you enough space to hold it,and the virtual keyboard is well taken care of. So it is very cool typing while holding Ramos W30HD.
Ramos W30HD from JSXL Technology 07
Ramos W30HD from JSXL Technology 08
Samsung Exynos4412 integrates Mali400 MP Quad Core GPU which runs at 533MHz. The Mali400 MP Quad Core GPU targets 60% more powerful overall performance,50% more powerful performance in graphics computing. Therefore,the compatibility of Ramos W42 in games is super high.
Ramos W30HD from JSXL Technology 09
Ramos W30HD features 3 axis gravity sensor and  gyroscope. They are very helpful in making gaming more playful.
Ramos W30HD from JSXL Technology 10
Ramos W30HD adopts Samsung eMMC design,which matters in targeting stability in circuit. Memory chip of dual channel,high end PMU chip,all these contributes to stable powerful performance and wearability.

The MultiMediaCard (MMC) is a flash memory memory card standard. Unveiled in 1997 by SanDisk and Siemens AG, it is based on Toshiba's NAND-based flash memory, and is therefore much smaller than earlier systems based on Intel NOR-based memory such as CompactFlash. MMC is about the size of a postage stamp: 24 mm × 32 mm × 1.4 mm. MMC originally used a 1-bit serial interface, but newer versions of the specification allow transfers of 4 or 8 bits at a time. It has been superseded by the Secure Digital (SD) card, but can still be used in most devices that support SD cards.
Typically, an MMC is used as a storage medium for a portable device, in a form that can easily be removed for access by a PC. For example, a digital camera would use an MMC for storing image files. With an MMC reader (typically a small box that connects via USB or some other serial connection, although some can be found integrated into the computer itself), a user could copy the pictures taken with the digital camera off to his or her computer. Modern computers, both laptops and desktops, often have SD slots, which can additionally read MMCs if the operating system drivers support them.
MMCs are available in sizes up to and including 128 GB. They are used in almost every context in which memory cards are used, like cellular phones, digital audio players, digital cameras and PDAs. Since the introduction of Secure Digital card few companies build MMC slots into their devices (an exception is some mobile devices like the Nokia 9300 communicator, where the smaller size of the MMC is a benefit), but the slightly thinner, pin-compatible MMCs can be used in almost any device that supports SD cards if the software/firmware on the device supports them.
eMMC describes an architecture consisting of an embedded storage solution with MMC interface, flash memory and controller, all in a small ball grid array (BGA) package.
So,we see Ramos W30HD features the latest technology.
Now,let's look at more pictures.
Ramos W30HD Professional Picture 1
Ramos W30HD looks pretty and rivals Apple iPad 4.
Ramos W30HD Professional Picture 2
The pure white looks elegant and noble. What are you waiting for? Doesn't it worth your buying?
Ramos W30HD Professional Picture 3
With the elegant and noble Ramos W30HD,you can surf online or do anything you like.
Ramos W30HD Professional Picture 4
With the 1900X1200 resolution Retina display on Ramos W30HD,you can view the photos in awesome display effect.
Ramos W30HD Professional Picture 5
The awesome back of Ramos W30HD.
Ramos W30HD from JSXL Technology 11
Ramos W30HD from JSXL Technology 12
Ramos W30HD from JSXL Technology 13
Now,let's focus on Ramos quality contributed by hardware manufacturing and strict QA.
Ramos maintains and stick to the principle of "Quality First". All material  and components used to produce tablets,ranging from motherboard to flash to battery to circuit to ear jack to TF card slot  and so on, must be of A level and from the top factories in the world. All these process must be verified manually,though doing so result in higher cost. And most important,it will ensure higher security and higher quality and then win users' heart.
Lithography process targets high accuracy of touch,and high responsiveness and higher transmittance.
  Ramos Tablets Other Chinese Tablets Difference
Flash Flash chip of A level Hynix MLC (UGC)  Flash chip of A level brings high cost,but high stability comes in along.
Hynix MLC (UGC)  cost low,but brings high risk of data loss.
Battery Pure Lithium battery Common-seen battery Pure Lithium battery brings higher security and higher performance in charging in and out.
PCB Board eMMC of 8 layout PCB of 4 layout eMMC of 8 layout targets higher stability and higher wearability.
Touch Panel Lithography process Printing Lithography process targets higher accuracy of touch and then higher responsivness,and higher transmittance.
Screen Anti-glare high definition resolution screen low resolution screen Anti-glare high definition resolution screen provide you awesome display in gaming,ebook reading and so on.
Charger 3C certified
Electromagnetic interference
No certificate Charger certified by 3C ensures the security of the screen and the stability while charging.
Ramos owns a factory of A level,is a leading tablet manufacturer in China,has its own professionalism from RD to production to sales.
Ramos has won many awards in China from IT media thanks to high quality,powerful performance and top design. Ramos's products have got highly recommended by specific media in China that specializes in product review. In the meantime,Ramos has won lots of Chinese users hearts and is becoming a household brand in China.
Ramos operates in international standard process,and has won/got many certificates of high tech company and of related industry,and is among the quite few companies that has its own R/D center.
Ramos has been working with many great partners that matters in producing high quality top performance Tablet PCs.Ramos uses the best components and parts to build the best Tablet PC in the world.
Specifications of Ramos W30HD:


Ramos W30HD Tablet PC 32GB


CPU: Samsung Exynos 4412 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Cortex-A9

GPU: ARM Mali-400 MP4@400MHz

Operation System

Android 4.0.4 ICS





Shell Material




10.1 Inch


Retina Capacitive Screen


1920 x 1200 px 16:10

Extend Card

Support TF card up to 32GB extended


Dual Camera Front 0.3MP + Back 2.0MP

Gravity Sensor



Yes, 10 points touch

Google Play



Yes Built-in Bluetooth4.0









Email and Browser

Yes, built in


Yes, 802.11 b/g/n


Not built in, Support external 3G dongle: E1916,ZTE AC2736, HUAWEI E1750, HUAWEI EC122, HUAWEI EM770W

Earphone Interface


Work Time

Up to 5-6 hours




Czech, Dansk, German, English, Spanish, Russian,French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polski, Greek,Portuguese, Svenska, Turkey, Korean, Japanese,Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Other Applications

File Manager, OfficeSuite, Google Search,Task Manager, Browser, Gallery, Android Webkit,Clock, Calculator, Calendar, iReader, Gmail…

Extend Port

1 x TF card Slot

1 x DC Charging Port

1 x Micro USB port

1 x 3.5mm Earphone port


Package including

1 x Tablet PC

1 x Charger (12V, 1.5A)

1 x USB cable

Product Size

267 x 178 x 10mm

Product Weight


Package weight


What are you waiting for? Isn't it worth your buying?




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