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If you never heard of Ployer before,please learn Introduction of Ployer first.

If you are already a Ployer fan and have heard lots about Ployer Momo8,but haven't got a chance to look at its look,the clear look,congratulations,you've landed at the right place.

Now,let us take you through the detail of the look of Ployer Momo8 and explore more together.

Ployer Momo8 6 Views from JSXL Technology

6 Views of Ployer Momo8.

Ployer Momo8 is made of Aluminum enclosure,so it has high build quality - really sturdy and neat. It's awesome to touch your hands on Ployer Momo8. Not just because of the mental enclosure of body,but also because of its dimension - 195mm X 154mm X 8.9mm. Ployer Momo8's thickness is only 8.9mm - ultra-thin. So it is really cool touching your hands on it. We can see every side,every edge,is so perfect,so sturdy,so neat,so thin. The back of Ployer Momo8 is looking so pretty. Don't forget - Ployer Momo8 is designed with only one physical button - the power button. This is not just for making Ployer Momo8 look more pretty ,but also for simplifying your actions on Ployer Momo8 so that you won't react incorrect so easily. Learn more about the breakthrough design applied to Ployer Momo8.

Thickness of Ployer Momo8 from JSXL Technology

How thin Ployer Momo8 is. What an amazing device Ployer Momo8 is. The seamless perfect aluminum enclosure body of Ployer Momo8 is telling the high build quality.

Ployer Momo8 from JSXL Technology

The extension ports on Ployer Momo8.

From up to down: the speaker,ear jack,Mini USB port,HDMI port,charging port,TF card slot. We can still see it's so thin. It only weighs 390 grams - so light weight that you won't get tired holding Ployer Momo8 in your hand easily. You will enjoy it in game playing,video watching and eBook reading and so on. It's so great a device.

The slim body of Ployer Momo8

Slim & thin body of Ployer Momo8 - so amazing.

Gorgeous Display of Ployer Momo8

Left: Ployer Momo8 with HD IPS screen

Right: Other tablet with general IPS screen

Comparison of HD IPS screen and general screen : the IPS screen displays much better and much clearer and is featured with Ployer Momo8. The colors on IPS screen is very vivid and sophisticated,while that on general screen is darker. The image on IPS screen is real and lifelike,while that on general screen looks unclear and bad.

IPS Screen of Ployer Momo8 from JSXL Technology

Gorgeous display on the IPS screen of Ployer Momo8. No matter viewing from what angle,the image and the colors remain the same. The viewing angle of IPS screen on Ployer Momo8 reaches 178 degrees. The resolution of the IPS screen on Ployer Momo8 is 1024X768. There is 1600 million colors that the IPS screen on Ployer Momo8 can display.

With such gorgeous IPS screen on Ployer Momo8,it's perfect experiences in playing games,watching video,reading eBook on Ployer Momo8.

Powerful Dual Core CPU on Ployer Momo8 from JSXL Technology

Ployer Momo8 adopts one of the most advanced chip - Rockchip RK3066 chip based on Cortex A9 Dual Core. Ployer Momo8 can run up to 1.6GHz.

Powerful Rockchip3066 Dual Core CPU on Ployer Momo8 from JSXL Technology

Powerful Rockchip RK3066 Dual Core CPU co-works with the ultra-fast DDR3 Ram at 1GB volume. Running a game is like running nothing on Ployer Momo8 - it's so easy.

Powerful Quad Core GPU on Ployer Momo8

Ployer Momo8 also adopts Mali400 Quad Core GPU.So you don't have to worry about the graphics computing while playing games or running big apps. Big games and big apps are not a problem at all to the powerful Mali400 Quad Core GPU.

Front camera on Ployer Momo8

Don't forget to record the great moments in your life and live chat with your friends,relatives and so on. Ployer Momo8 is armed with 0.3 HD front facing camera. You can take photos,record video clips or video chat. It's so amazing.

HDMI on Ployer Momo8 from JSXL Technology

Feel annoyed while playing games on Ployer Momo8? Just because the screen is so small?

Fortunately,Ployer Momo8 is featured with 1080P HDMI. Connect your Ployer Momo8 with your TV or any big screen. It would be great playing games on the big screen and using your Ployer Momo8 as a game controller. It would be also a great way to share your screen with others by HDMI.

Ployer Momo8 Bluetooth

Also don't forget that Ployer Momo8 is featured with Bluetooth 4.0. While most Android Tablets haven't been featured with Bluetooth,some of them are only featured with Bluetooth 2.0 or 3.0,Ployer Momo8 is leading the way.

Share the photos you shoot,the videos you record,the file you edit with any one you want. It's that simple and that fast.

eBook reading on Ployer Momo8

It's great experiences reading eBook on Ployer Momo8 as well. The Apps Center developed by Ployer helps you access tons of thousands of apps and eBooks. Enjoy Ployer,enjoy reading.

At last, there's one more spot we should point out. Ployer Momo8 runs on the latest Android 4.1 OS Jelly Bean.

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