October 21, 2012

Sharksucker Keyboard Review from JSXL Technology

We know there are too many keyboard cases for most Apple iPad fans to select from. This is really a big headache choice. Many of them already have one or more keyboard cases in use,but found it not so cool,so helpful,so high quality,as expected. Also,many of them are trying to find another one alternative that's really cool,sturdy,neat,high quality and then stands up to Apple iPad on the look,the style and the quality. 

Now,we've offer one more choice - Sharksucker Keyboard for Apple iPad,it not only fits iPad 2,but also iPad 3(the New iPad) and iPad 4. 


Typing ultrafast with Sharksucker Keyboard for email or so.

Sharksucker Keyboard for Apple iPad adopts Broadcom bluetooth chip - BCM20730. Broadcom is the most advanced Bluetooth chip designer & maker in the world. The new Broadcom® BCM20730 Bluetooth transceiver integrates key electronic components that are commonly found in keyboards, mice, remote controls and 3D glasses, enabling more affordable wireless products that extend and enhance the experience of using PCs, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, DTVs, set-top-boxes, Blu-ray players, and a growing range of consumer electronics devices.

The new BCM20730 Bluetooth chip includes the following features:

  • On-chip support for common keyboard and mouse interfaces, eliminating the need for an external processor, reducing overall bill of materials (BoM) cost for wireless peripheral products.
  • An integrated programmable keyscan matrix interface, with up to 8 × 20 key-scanning matrices, eliminating the need for external components otherwise needed for keyboard and mouse products.
  • Built-in shutter control for 3D glasses, enabling advanced active-shutter glasses that synchronize signals with 3D televisions over Bluetooth (providing a more reliable link than infrared technology which currently dominates the category).
  • Superior receiver sensitivity that maximizes the range and coverage for Bluetooth peripherals.
  • Compatibility with Bluetooth 3.0, featuring the new UCD (unicast connectionless data) enhanced power control that saves power and extends battery life.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth smart ready host devices supporting the Bluetooth HID profile and with hosts compliant to Bluetooth Core Specification versions 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 + EDR, 2.1 + EDR, 3.0 + HS and 4.0
  • Powerful ARM Cortex™ M3 32-bit processor eliminates the need for an external processor, reducing overall bill of materials (BoM) cost for wireless peripheral products while offering significantly higher MIPS, supporting advanced applications at lower power than the 8-bit and 16-bit processors offered by most competitive solutions
  • Multi-channel quadrature signal decoder for scroll wheels and other rotary interfaces
  • UART, SPI and Broadcom Serial Communications (compatible with Philips I²C slaves) for interfacing to external non-volatile memories, peripheral ICs and sensors
  • On-chip multi-channel ADC for measuring sensor inputs, battery level, etc.
  • Additional features to support such applications as:
    -Computer mice
    -3D active shutter glasses supporting the Full HD 3D RF protocol
    -Remote controls with Infrared remote control modulation and infrared remote control learning capability
    -Gestural input devices with touchpads, accelerometers or gyrometers
    -Game controllers

We can see Sharksucker Keyboard for Apple iPad also adopts Bluetooth 3.0. You might have not known anything about Bluetooth 3.0. Here's some comments about Bluetooth 3.0:

The Bluetooth 3.0 specification supports data rates up to 24Mbps over a shared 802.11 radio, a small but significant step towards the technology becoming a de facto protocol for ad hoc, secure wireless peer-to-peer networks.Higher speeds and better battery life are among the benefits introduced with Bluetooth 3.0, according to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), thanks to built-in power controls and the use of 802.11 connections for transmitting large files. 

So,with Bluetooth 3.0 running on the Broadcom Bluetooth chip BCM20730,Sharksucker Keyboard will introduce the fastest and most stable user experience. You won't be bored with staggering Bluetooth connection,and slowest typing pace. All is working perfectly well on Sharksucker Keyboard.


The awesome look of Sharksucker Keyboard with aluminum enclosure shell,it is a high end Keyboard for Apple iPad.

Sharksucker Keyboard fits your iPad perfectly,not only the look,but also the style and the quality. It's one of those that are so rarely seen and can stand up to your iPad and match your iPad.


The buttons and ports on Sharksucker Keyboard.

The ergonomic design of Sharksucker Keyboard sucks Apple iPad firmly,Apple iPad won't fall off easily. 

The buttons on the front edge,from left to right: the on/off button for Bluetooth,the pairing/disconnection button for Bluetooth,the on/off button for charging Sharksucker Keyboard.

The ports on the right edge,from left to right: the Micro-USB port for charging Sharksucker Keyboard,the standard USB port for charging Apple iPad or iPhone. The built-in 4000mAh battery will lengthen your iPad life by 6 hours,iPhone life by 3 times. This is really very helpful when you are in urgent case or so.

Underneath the keyboard,there is built-in magnetic,by closing your iPad,your iPad will go into sleep mode automatically and further save a lot of power;

by opening your iPad,your iPad will wake up automatically. This is the smart sleep mode introduced in Sharksucker Keyboard.You don't have to do anything more,for example,press the power button to make it go sleep. You don't have to do this. Just open/close your ipad,your iPad will wake up/sleep automatically - really very smart.

iPad plugs in Sharksucker Keyboard in landscape mode.

iPad plugs in Sharksucker Keyboard in landscape mode. It sits very stable because of the plugin slot. You don't have to worry the combination would fall down from behind due to iPad weight. The plugin slot is made with magnetic as well,so it sucks Apple iPad very firm.

iPad plugs in Sharksucker Keyboard in portrait mode.

You might want to ask,"What about when I want to video chat via Skype or so?".

Good question. When you are going to video chat on Skype or so,you can plug your iPad in portrait mode,so the front facing camera of your iPad will be at the top mid - the exactly right place. This is really very convenient.


Now,let's take you through the details on the body of Sharksucker Keyboard.


Awesome,great,neat,cool and so on are the only words on my mind when I see this for the first time. 

We can find some function keys,like "lock" key to lock your iPad,the 'Vol+" to volume up your ipad,the "Vol-" volume down your iPad,the "mute" key to mute/unmute your iPad,the "next" key to play next song or so.

With these function keys on Sharksucker Keyboard,your iPad life will be much better,really convenient.

Now,we can find the function keys,like "home" for you to get back to iPad home screen,you don't have to move your figure up to the screen to press the circle home button,just move your left pinkie slightly to press the 'home' key - it's very simple and easy and convenient. This is another pro Sharksucker Keyboard introduces. Of course,most keyboards for iPad can do this for you as well.
The 'dim' key next to 'home' key for you to dim your sceen. 
The 'bright' key next to 'dim' key to brighten your screen. 
You don't have to do these by going into the Settings. Really convenient.
The right slot wedge of Sharksucker Keyboard holds and pinches Apple iPad tight.
The left slot wedge of Sharksucker Keyboard holds and pinches Apple iPad tight.
You might have not seen the magnetic within the slot. The built-in magnetic sucks Apple iPad and helps very much in pinching iPad tight.

The keys on Sharksucker Keyboard
Most of the keyboards for Apple iPad in the current market has small key(key cap),so if you have big figure,you would easily press the wrong key. But with Sharksucker Keyboard,you don't have to worry about this,because Sharksucker Keyboard has bigger key(key cap) and wider key gap,so you wouldn't press the wrong key easily.


The keys on Sharksucker Keyboard.

The keys on Sharksucker Keyboard.
These keys are so pretty cool as seen. Actually you would hear pleasant sounds while typing on Sharksucker Keyboard. It is really amazing typing on Sharksucker Keyboard,the touch feel is so soft and so cool.

The indicators on Sharksucker Keyboard for Apple iPad.

From left to right:the indicator for on/off of Bluetooth,the indicator for pair/disconnection of Bluetooth,the indicator for charging Sharksucker Keyboard.


Seamless perfect combination of Sharksucker Keyboard and Apple iPad.



Seamless perfect combination of Sharksucker Keyboard and Apple iPad.


The back of Sharksucker Keyboard for Apple iPad.

There are 4 footers added to avoid scratch and slippery. So you don't have to worry the combination will move easily without any external force.


Viewing from the back of the combination of Sharksucker Keyboard and Apple iPad. And now most probably you will further understand why the combination of Sharksucker Keyboard and Apple iPad won't easily fall down from behind,because the slot will help tilted back by a small angel so the  whole combination will have tilted angel as well and sits stable.


The detail of the back of the combination of Sharksucker Keyboard and Apple iPad.


The last words: we are taking order of Sharksucker Keyboard for Apple iPad at ONLY $99.99,while its M.R.P. is $169.99.

And we will start shipping Sharksucker Keyboard for Apple iPad from Otc 25,2012.

If Sharksucker Keyboard touches your heart,don't hesitate to CLICK TO PRE-ORDER NOW.

The end.


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Viewing from the back of the combination of Sharksucker Keyboard and Apple iPad. And now most probably you will further understand why the combination of Sharksucker Keyboard and Apple iPad won’t easily fall down from behind,because the slot will help tilted back by a small angel so the whole combination will have tilted angel as well and sits stable.


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