October 07, 2012

Acer Win 8 Tablet PC Iconia W700 pulled to market selling from at least $799.99


Acer recently disclosed the latest news about its Window 8 Tablet PC Iconia W700,including price and availability date.

Acer Iconia W700 has an appealing body made in aluminum process,its thickness is less than 1.2cm,its weight is around 1 KG,adopts 11.6 inches IPS screen,supports 1080P(1920X1080) resolution,is 10 point-touch enabled. It will adopt Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3 or Core i5 Chip,integrates HD Graphics 4000 processor unit.

And,Iconia W700 is featured with 5.00MP camera supporting 1080P video recording,the front camera is 1.00MP. There are 3 USB ports,Micro HDM port,built-in gravity sensor,compass and gyroscope. Its wi-fi supports 802.11 a/b/g/n. Acer Iconia's battery lasts for up to 8 hours,Acer officially cited,and Iconia also adopts Green Instant On technology which can wake up the system instantly,and it takes less than 6 seconds to boot up, 1.5 seconds to recovery.

Acer also provides 3 specifications by which the price varies. Among them the lowest configuration is "Core i3 Chip + 4G Ram + 64GB SSD",and targets $799.99. The second one uses a different CPU,"Core i5 Chip + 4GB Ram + 64GB SSD",and targets $899.99. The third one increases the volume capacity of SSD to 64GB based on the second one,"Core i5 Chip + 4GB Ram + 128GB SSD",targets $999.99. And a stand will be provided as desktop accessory which can hold Acer Iconia W700 tilted 20-70 degrees,supporting portrait mode and landscape mode which will make typing,displaying,reading,browsing and video watch much easier and simpler.

Acer Iconia W700 Windows 8 will get on sale on Otc 26,as reported,the same day Microsoft Windows 8 OS will get on sale. The  M.R.P in north america will be $799.99~$999.99. Users in US can choose a two-year warranty of Windows 8 Pro,and the related price will rise to $1,049.99.

After knowing all about Acer Win 8 Tablet PC Iconia W700,I put my hope on Ainol instead. Because Acer Iconia W700 is too expensive and far more from acceptable to most people. We know Iconia is really cool in its hardward - I confess,and Microsoft in software but which Ainol shares at the same time.

You know Ainol is a leading player in Tablet PC in China and also in the world. Ainol has released 9 popular 7 inch Android Tablet PCs so far,they all share high build quality and help building Ainol a great brand. There 9 popular 7 inch Android Tablet PCs include Ainol Novo 7 Basic,Ainol Novo 7 Advanced,Ainol Novo 7 Paladin,Ainol Novo 7 Aurora,Ainol Novo 7 ELF,Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II,Ainol Novo 7 ELF II,Ainol Novo 7 Flame(aka Burning or Fire),Ainol Novo 7 Crysal.

Ainol's current most advanced Tablet PC is Ainol Novo 7 Flame - 7 inch 1280X800 full angel viewing IPS,Amlogic Dual Core CPU,1G Ram,16GB or 32GB Nand Flash,Dual Cameras:front 2.0MP,rear 5.0MP,1080P HDMI,Bluetooth 2.1,Aluminum back,overall all amazing,but only with $179.99.

And rumors leaking out from inside Ainol is beating that Ainol is working on a 12 inch Windows 8 Tablet PC,most probably armed with Quad Core CPU and IPS screen. This is crazy and breaking news,Ainol kept and keeps annoucing great products with low price that's  really attractive to most guys,like me,who cannot afford a $799.99 Acer Icnoia W700.

A great pity is that rumors didn't tell much,it didn't disclose the detail specifications. But please trust in Made-In-China,Ainol will announce a great Windows 8 Tablet with a very low price.

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Antonio said:

. I have never had it crash, though I have had to back mylsef out of apps that seemed to have no logical next step. This was the result either of my ignorance or the fact that there is less of a standard user interface from app to app than there is in classical GUIs such as OS X and Windows.For the laptop lugging road-warrior, it should be noted, this is not going to be a full replacement. I now take my laptop and my iPad when I go into the college. But much of the time there, I use my iPad because it is so light, convenient and useable. I use it to teach my classes and often reference traditional texts from the iPad instead of lugging them along to class. I develop my own web pages on my 27 desktop which is the right environment for such development; I wouldn’t expect to do that on an iPad. In education (and evidently in medicine), it is proving to be a real boon. The enterprise situations where portable information access and transmission are critical will find this a compelling solution. The heavy Photoshop user or music track editor will still need a conventional computer, either laptop or desktop.I purchased the 64GB version, which may be more storage than I need. But since it will drive my 50 screen downstairs I figured I would begin to load lots of pictures and favored music, so it may prove a wise choice in the long run. It can swallow up entire evenings with the music-augmented slide shows it can do. In fact, you may begin to wonder if you need cable TV. Conventional content providers should be worried about the iPad since it provides yet another way for the user to determine viewing experience. But if you are still drawn to cable, it makes a fine remote control.Before people evaluate


Stefanny said:

The Ipad is a fine device. I only got one beusace there where some programs i couldnt get with android. But its never going to replace a pc. Because its way too limited. At least most Android are expandable, you have USB and SD cards. Thats more then i can say for the Ipad. I probaby get a Android someday. Also why dose everything has to be super thin. The thinner something is the more likely its going to break. Hell i had to buy a big ass case just to make sure that didnt happen with my Ipad.

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