September 26, 2012

Ainol Novo 7 Fire Firmware Update - Version of Download)

 Sept 25,2012,Shenzhen China.

Ainol released a new firmware for Ainol Novo 7 Fire. Mixing up Fire and Flame? Read Take a look at the look of Ainol Novo 7 Flame(aka Burning and Fire) English Edition,you will know their differences and further know whether or not this firmware is suitable for your Fire.

Software type: Firmware-driven

Release date: Sept 26,2012(Beijing Time)

Firmware size: 189.43 MB

Firmware version:

Applicable for: The version date ends with "tm"

How to access the version info of your Ainol Novo 7 Fire: Setting->About Tablet->Version Number

For details of instructions on how to upgrade the firmware,please follow the Quick Start Guide in the package of firmware.

Notices before firmware upgrading:

  1. Make sure the battery has at least 40% power left,or charge your Ainol Novo 7 Fire with USB cable
  2. Please prepare a TF card of 1GB or 2GB
  3. Please format the TF card to FAT32
  4. Please download the firmware,there will be a few folders after decompressing
  5. Please copy-paste the firmware files to the TF card 

Fixations this upgraded firmware made:

  1. Added auto adjustment of back-light in the popup status menu;
  2. Updated driver in AXP;
  3. Standby policy update on wifi;
  4. Fixed the bug of video playback caused by Bluetooth;
  5. Fixed/Improved the control button of reset;
  6. Fixed the bug of turn-on of flash without control;
  7. Improved the bug that the volume was very low when earphone was plugin;
  8. Adjusted the brightness to 255;
  9. Fixed the un-senstivity of G-Sensor;
  10. Fixed that there's no chargin icon showing up while charging

P.S. We personally think this firmware work for all Ainol Novo 7 Fire and Flame,as long as you can read Chinese. If you can't or have difficulty to read Chinese,we don't recommend you to upgrade this firmware of this version to your Ainol Novo 7 Fire.

We would like to suggest you stay tuned! We will post the news on the upgrading firmware for Ainol Novo 7 Flame here.
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Enjoy Life,Enjoy Ainol.

The end.

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Steve said:

Is there something wrong in your description? I found the firmware didn’t work for my Fire of tm.


Admin said:

Sorry,we mistook the firmware version.We have corrected the link.

Thank you very much for pointing it out.

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